How to Play: Move three or more balls into position to destroy them. More than three combinations activates powerful and fun power ups (such as Drones and various Bombs) to assist you in destroying difficult to reach chips. Tip: Working from bottom up (except when gravity is reversed) is most efficient in destroying chips and ultimately reaching Match My Balls Stadium. You need to get at least one star to unlock the next level.

Click on any unlocked Level on the map represented by sports jerseys and a window will popup. Here you can click on the Info Icon (i) to get details of  the target you need to reach to pass the level. You have the option to select one of the power ups (Bombs, Drones, UltraColorBomb) to help you pass a difficult level, get three stars or just get a highest score. Click Play or Exit (x) to choose another level.

Level types: Target Score – collect the specified number of points, Ice Block Crush – clear the level of ice blocks, Locker Crush – clear the level of metal lockers, Trophy Hoist – hoist all trophies, Color Collection – destroy the specified number of chips, Sports Hair Gel – fill the level with sports hair gel.

Level limitations: Moves – the player has a limited number of moves, Timer – the player has a limited amount of time.

Power ups: CrossBomb – destroys all balls in its row and column. SimpleBomb (with funny faces on each ball) – destroys all neighboring balls. ColorBomb – destroys all balls of its own color. Drone – a smart bomb that searches for the best ball and destroys it, UltraColorBomb – a bomb that, at the player’s will, destroys all balls of the same color as one of the neighboring balls. LightningBomb – a bomb creating a chain reaction of destroying chips.

Obstacles: Metal Locker – a destroyable locker, Weight Plate – a chip that behaves like a destroyable block, Rowdy Fans – a destroyable block that creates new blocks of the same type with each move. Net – a block that contains a ball – it may be destroyed if you try to destroy the net it contains.

Other mechanics: Teleport – slots are linked to each other, as a result the balls begin to teleport, Wall – unbreakable obstacle, that blocks the movement of chips from one slot to the next.

In-App Purchases: Game includes a Sports Shop to purchase in-game Points for goods (extra power ups and lives). Click on the Points Icon to access. Purchase Points to get various goods such as Extra Lives, Extra Moves, Extra Time, Wheel Spin, Spoon boosters, Magic Hand boosters, Magic Fingers boosters, Shaker boosters, Rainbow boosters, and Drone boosters.

Daily rewards: Contains a mini-game – the Wheel of Fortune that allows the player to win a random prize once a day. Click on Wheel Icon to access.