Designed website and illustration for Disco Fried by Meli Dez and Jules Morse on Amazon and Kindle.

Two best friends from New York search for moto boots, amazing poutine, and some self- acceptance during a wild romp in Montreal.

“Mina Baron is dreading the future. The talented musician has just been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome. The neurological condition heightens her sensitivity to her impending middle age. She is also confused about her relationship with her friend Allen. Why is Allen always there for her when her own husband isn’t?

Mina’s other best friend, Jill Stone, is struggling with problems of her own. She’s a brilliant writer who feels trapped by her family and her scheduled life. Jill loves her husband, but she also feels boxed in by their fast-paced lifestyle.

The two women decide that the best way to snap themselves out of their funks is by taking the trip they’ve always dreamed of. The friends set off for Montreal, Canada, the city of poutine, moto boots, and sexy Canadians.

In the city, Jill has a surprise meeting with an old flame, and Mina clicks with a dashing businessman. The two women will have to decide what is worth fighting for in their lives. The answer will surprise them both.”

This fun, frothy tale of female friendship and living life without regret will make you laugh out loud as you follow the many misadventures of this lovable duo.